About “Jos”

Due to a full time working mother and an absent father, I was largely raised by my immigrant Guatemalan Grandparents. In middle school I joined my first running team, which became another family. Competitive club sports gave me way to cope with stress and overcome adversity in my young life. Having succeeded in reaching elite long-distance running competitions during my high school years, I was recruited to join the Oregon State University (D1) Track and Field Team. With perseverance, learned through distance running, I became the first person in my family to attend and graduate college, and I eventually passed the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam, with additional training during my internship at CU Boulder.

Having experienced sports injuries, common to endurance athletes, I sought new directions in outdoor sports, including rock climbing, leading me to Boulder, Colorado. I have traveled to Mexico, France, Colombia, and throughout the US Southwest to pursue climbing. My expertise in strength conditioning and my willingness to work with a very-wide range of clients, from professional climbers, to recreational climbers,and introductory children’s classes, has given me the widest possible exposure to developmental strength training. I am currently fully employed, as a specialist strength trainer, with private and gym membership client bases, in the Colorado Front Range area.